Why Lawyers Care About Machine Learning

By |Apr 11, 2017|

Machine learning is everywhere you look, from customer service virtual agents to round-the-clock patient care in hospitals.

Lawyers seeking the latest in eDiscovery approaches to find

How to Protect Your Company from Your Own Employees

By |Dec 12, 2016|

Your colleague secretly sends an IM to a peer discussing plans to start a competitive business venture. A disgruntled employee discloses plans via Facebook to launch

New Developments in Cloud Computing and the Practice of Law

By |Apr 15, 2013|

Given the risk of data breaches and the duty to maintain client confidences, is it ethical for lawyers to use cloud computing? Among the state bar

How to Ask for Social Media Evidence—and Get It

By |Nov 13, 2012|

By the end of 2013, half of all companies will be asked to produce social media content in e-discovery, according to a recent study – but

Sampling Enters the Mainstream Lexicon of E-Discovery Practitioners

By |Aug 27, 2012|

In the latest case leveraging the use of technology-assisted review, also sometimes called “predictive coding,” District Judge Rebecca Doherty issued instructions to the parties regarding its